Paramount Church

  • Rush Witt
  • Preacher/SpeakerRush Witt
  • Sermon SeriesJesus is Better
  • Sermon TitleHebrews 13:17
  • Scripture ReferenceThe Sermon I'd Rather Not Preach

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Sunday ABF/YBF: 9:15 am
Sunday Worship Service: 10:30 am
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211 N. Merkle Road
Bexley, Ohio 43209

The Gospel is Paramount

Welcome to Paramount Church! We hope you are encouraged and strenghtened in your faith today! We desire to be fervently praying church. May the Lord carry us another step forward today.

Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac

Worship Service Live Stream

Sunday's at 10:30 am join us via Facebook for our worship service. Our preference is always to gather in-person, but for those that cannot, we’ll stream our worship services online. Please be diligent to join us on Sunday mornings. We believe the Lord is pleased by our efforts.

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Please consider how you can support the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering this month. All gifts to this special offering go to support missions around the world.

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CG Questions 12.13

Community Group
  1. Why is it so very difficult to submit and obey to leaders God has given us?
  2. How should you pray for the pastors of your church and world?
  3. Why is it so profitable to make the work of pastors a joy and not a grief?
Prayers and Praises

IMB 175 Days of Prayer: Pamiris of Central Asia

Pamiris (pah-MEER-ees) - The Aga Khan, the 49th hereditary imam (religious leader) of the Shia Ismailis, was born on December 13, 1936. The Ismailis living around the world, numbering around 15 million people, will celebrate the birth of the Aga Khan, Shah Karim al-Husayni, because it is seen as a time to reflect on what they see as a spiritual bond that connects each Ismaili to the Aga Khan and to show their love, loyalty, and devotion to him. For the Ismailis, the Aga Khan and his hereditary predecessors are divinely inspired and immune from all error and sin. In the Badakhshan region of Tajikistan, most of the population, around 200,000 people and comprising multiple people groups, are Ismaili. The Ismaili religion is synonymous with the words "Pamiri" and "Badakhshan." Most Pamiri homes have a picture of Aga Khan IV hanging in their communal room. Please pray today that Pamiris, as well as Ismailis around the world, will understand that Jesus is the only one who is immune from all sin and is the true and only path of salvation to God.