Paramount Church

  • Rush Witt
  • Preacher/SpeakerRush Witt
  • Sermon SeriesConnoisseurs of Happiness
  • Sermon TitleThe Glorious Exaltation of Jesus
  • Scripture ReferencePhilippians 2: 9-11

Service Time(s)

Sunday ABF/YBF: 9:15 am
Sunday Worship Service: 10:30 am
Community Groups Meet During the Week

Our Location

211 N. Merkle Road
Bexley, Ohio 43209

The Gospel is Paramount

Welcome to Paramount Church! We hope you are encouraged and strenghtened in your faith today! We desire to be fervently praying church. May the Lord carry us another step forward today.

Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac

Fall Men's Summit 2023

It is time for the Men's Summit! The weekend of September 22nd-23rd come for a great time of devotion, food and discipleship. More details and sign up for food to come.

Bexley July 4th

It is (almost) that time of year again! This year we will be resuming participating in the Bexley 4th of July Parade in the morning starts at 9 AM. We will have trucks in the parade and pass out water.

Later in the evening we will volunteer for the Bexley 4th festivities 6-9 PM before the fireworks. Sign up Click here

Children's Ministry Schedule


Thank you to all that serve in the Children's Ministry. To know when you are scheduled next, check out the Children's Ministry, Click here for the schedule.


CG Questions 4.16

CG Questions
  1. How does Jesus' voluntary humility and "super-exaltation" impact our understanding of His lordship and our relationship to Him?
  2. How does Jesus' example of servant leadership challenge our notions of power and authority in our own lives?
  3. The Bible says "At the name of Jesus every knee will bow..." How should this truth shape our confidence in evangelism and missions, and our commitment to proclaiming Jesus as Lord among all kinds of people?
Prayers and Praises

Mission Focus: Buhtan

How to Pray
Thank God for:
Christians in India and Nepal who are able to travel into Bhutan and share Jesus
Christians in Bhutan who are able to meet and worship together
People who are translating the Bible into languages the people of Bhutan can understand
Ask God for:
More people in Bhutan to come to know and love Jesus
Christians in Bhutan to have courage and boldness in sharing the love of Jesus
The King and his royal family to come to know Jesus so they can lean on the power of Jesus