Paramount Church

  • Rush Witt
  • Preacher/SpeakerRush Witt
  • Sermon SeriesRevelation: Finding present help through our future hope
  • Sermon TitleThe Fading Kingdom of Self
  • Scripture ReferenceRevelation 18:1-8

Service Time(s)

Sunday ABF/YBF: 9:15 am
Sunday Worship Service: 10:30 am
Community Groups Meet During the Week

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211 N. Merkle Road
Bexley, Ohio 43209

The Gospel is Paramount

Welcome to Paramount Church! We hope you are encouraged and strenghtened in your faith today! We desire to be fervently praying church. May the Lord carry us another step forward today.

Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac

Childcare Schedule


It is our joy as a church to care for the souls of the children God has entrusted to us. Please visit the Childcare Schedule to learn when your next opportunity will be.

Click here for the schedule.

2nd Annual Cookie Clash 12.2

Friday, December 2rd at 7pm we will host a "Cookie Clash" to benefit the Lottie Moon fund. This Cookie Clash is a spectacular contest of the best international cookies. There are multiple ways to win, most creative, best effort, etc.- More details to come and excited to see you there!

CG 11.20.2022

CG Discussion:
Discuss these six descriptions of true repentance from Charles Spurgeon:
1. Repentance “reverences and adores God’s omniscience.” The penitent recognizes that he cannot hide from God’s all-knowing eye.
2. “The truly penitent gives glory to the righteousness of God in his law.” One who is truly repentant confesses that the law is good, even though it condemns the sinner.
3. A true believer “adores and glorifies the justice of God in His punishment of transgression.” He knows he deserves nothing more than death and hell.
4. “True repentance glorifies the sovereignty of God in his mercy.” The guilty penitent realizes he has no claim on God’s sovereign mercy. If he finds mercy, it is only because God wills to be merciful out of His amazing grace and love.
5. True repentance trusts “that there is a way by which God can be just and yet the justifier of the ungodly.” A true believer looks to Christ alone as the way of salvation.
6. Having found mercy in Jesus Christ, true repentance “ever afterwards craves after holiness.”
How have you seen these at work in your life, no matter how small?
How would you like to see one or more of these grow in you over the next year?

Prayers and Praises

Mission Focus: Baloch


How to Pray
Thank God for:
The hundreds of Baloch who now follow Jesus and that the New Testament is in their language of Balochi.
Ask God for:
For people who will go and share the love and message of Jesus with the Baloch people.
For the Baloch who do follow Jesus to have boldness to share about Jesus with others.
That many Baloch will listen to Christian radio broadcasts and encounter Jesus through these programs.
For a better future for the Baloch people: clean water, more jobs, peace to the land, and to know Jesus.