Paramount Church

  • Rush Witt
  • Preacher/SpeakerRush Witt
  • Sermon SeriesAmos Gripped By God
  • Sermon TitleThe Message from Amos
  • Scripture ReferenceAmos 1:1

Service Time(s)

Sunday ABF/YBF: 9:15 am
Sunday Worship Service: 10:30 am
Community Groups Meet During the Week

Our Location

211 N. Merkle Road
Bexley, Ohio 43209

The Gospel is Paramount

Welcome to Paramount Church! We hope you are encouraged and strenghtened in your faith today! We desire to be fervently praying church. May the Lord carry us another step forward today.

Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac

ABF Update

We are excited to resume our first-hour ministry, including Adult Bible Fellowship and Youth Bible Fellowship. We no longer will be on a rotation for ABF and YBF, all welcome Starting May 2nd.

Lead Teachers needed


Help needed with Children's Ministry. We are in need for lead teachers to help guide the children services. Low commitment and high reward. See Hope Barnes for questions.

Men's Summit


Save the date May 21st-23rd for the Men's Summit. Come for fellowship, service and food! Invite friends family and co-workers. Discussion will be around the book "The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards (A Long Line of Godly Men Profile)". The Summit will be a great time to connect, to learn and to help the church with much needed work.

For more details see Kevin King.

Ladies Bible Study


We will meet Sunday afternoons at 4pm, at the church building, beginning March 21. We will study the Book of Jude using a video resource by Jackie Hill Perry.

Copies of the book are available at the church resource table. You can also purchase Jude: Contending for the Faith in Today’s Culture from Amazon here or here.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions! And please encourage the ladies of your CG, and invite others to join us.

CG Questions 5.16

Community Group
  1. For what reasons do you think we lose our awe of God’s Word to us? Why are we not so impressed by the fact that the God of the universe has spoken to us?
  2. What does it mean to have ears attuned to God’s Word? How can our ears be more attentive to Him?
  3. What are 3 actions we can take to be seriously focused on and seriously happy in Christ in the coming week?
Prayers and Praises

Mission Focus: China


Thank God for:
Millions of Chinese people who share God’s love with others even with pressure from the government.
Ask God for:
That many children will hear about Jesus from Christian friends.
To send many Chinese missionaries to other countries to share about Jesus.
For Chinese leaders to rule the country fairly.

IMB 175 Days of Prayer: Sorani Kurds of Central Asia


Sorani Kurds of Central Asia (sor-AH-nee) - Zahara* cried as she stood outside in the dusty road with a believing friend. She told about her chronic pain and how walking down the road for her daily walk is a painful struggle. She said, "I've asked God to heal me, and He hasn't. What is He doing? I don't know. He will do what He wants." Matt* and Rose* have battled infertility and the shame and depression of that struggle for many years. Matt has turned to internal introspection and religion, while his wife masks her internal struggles with an overly cheerful persona. These two examples are pictures of the many friends and neighbors among the Sorani Kurds who battle physical pain and chronic illnesses in a culture that demands that they accept fate and move on. May the Lord use these struggles, as He did with Lazarus in John 11, to showcase His amazing power and compassion. Pray that He will heal their bodies and bring their souls into eternal salvation and the hope that is found in Jesus. Pray that the believers around them will daily be filled with Christ's compassion for the sick and hurting. (*names changed)