Paramount Church

  • Rush Witt
  • Preacher/SpeakerRush Witt
  • Sermon SeriesConnoisseurs of Happiness
  • Sermon TitleTo Labor Together with Joy
  • Scripture ReferencePhilippians 4:2-3

Service Time(s)

Sunday ABF/YBF: 9:15 am
Sunday Worship Service: 10:30 am
Community Groups Meet During the Week

Our Location

211 N. Merkle Road
Bexley, Ohio 43209

The Gospel is Paramount

Welcome to Paramount Church! We hope you are encouraged and strenghtened in your faith today! We desire to be fervently praying church. May the Lord carry us another step forward today.

Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac Pastors Rush, Kevin, and Isaac

Bexley July 4th

It is (almost) that time of year again! This year we will be resuming participating in the Bexley 4th of July Parade in the morning starts at 9 AM. We will have trucks in the parade and pass out water.

Later in the evening we will volunteer for the Bexley 4th festivities 6-9 PM before the fireworks. Sign up Click here

Children's Ministry Schedule


Thank you to all that serve in the Children's Ministry. To know when you are scheduled next, check out the Children's Ministry, Click here for the schedule.


Monthly Prayer Meeting


On the last Sunday of each month at 7pm, join us as we gather to worship, praise and pray as a community. Your requests are important to us, please send prayer requests to

CG Questions 6.25

CG Questions
  1. Without breaking confidences, share an experience when you witnessed or were part of resolving a conflict within the church. What strategies were effective in fostering unity and agreement?
  2. In what ways can we shift our perspective on helping one another in the church from a one-way street to a collaborative partnership? How does this mindset change affect our willingness to both give and receive help?
  3. What specific practices or mindset shifts can help us maintain joy in our labor for the gospel?
Prayers and Praises

Mission Focus: Djibouti


Thank God For:
Christians who are praying for and working with the Djbouti people
The body of Christ who lives in Djbouti

Ask God For:
Djibouti people to have enough food to eat
Faithfulness among new Djbouti believers even amidst difficult persecution
Christian Djbouti families to share with other Djbouti families about the love of Jesus in a way that they may understand